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Youth & Young Adults

Youth Ministry


For all youth in Grades 7-12

Join us on Friday nights! We meet weekly on Friday evenings from 7-10pm at the church.

Our evenings are filled with games, devotionals and fun activities to help build relationships. And of course, there’s a snack canteen on-site!
All youth are welcome and invited to attend. We ask that parents arrive at 9:45pm for pickup.

Young Adults Ministry

We meet weekly on Thursday evenings at 7pm at the church.
We start the night off with a check in and see how people are doing, then we dive into whatever study we’re doing. After study we have a prayer time, which is sometimes as a group, or off in smaller groups. And after study and prayer we sit
around and visit with each other.

Come join us - all young adults are welcome to our fun & friendly group!

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